OCPP Configuration Settings

This page explains the OCPP configuration settings that are available on the Evnex E&X Series charging station.

OCPP configuration values

The following values are available to be read and written via the Evnex dashboard (via the OCPP GetConfiguration and SetConfiguration call).
Configuration keys listed under 'Core Profile' and 'Smart Charging Profile' are standardised by the OCPP specification. Keys listed under 'Custom' are specific to the Evnex E&X Series charging stations.

Please take care when changing these values - incorrect settings can render charging stations inoperative or unable to connect to the network.

Core profile

Key nameAccessibilityTypeDefault valueReboot requiredDescription
AllowOfflineTxForUnknownIdRead & writeBoolean1N/AWhen set to true, Unknown Offline Authorization is enabled
AuthorizeRemoteTxRequestsRead & writeBoolean1N/AWhen set to true, a remote request to start a transaction in the form of a RemoteStartTransaction.req message will be authorized beforehand like a local action to start a transaction
ClockAlignedDataIntervalRead & writeInteger0N/ASize (in seconds) of the clock-aligned data interval, a value of "0" is to be interpreted to mean that no clock-aligned data should be transmitted
ConnectionTimeOutRead & writeInteger120N/AInterval (from successful authorization) until the charging session is automatically canceled due to failure of EV user to (correctly) insert the charging cable connector(s) into the appropriate connector(s)
GetConfigurationMaxKeysRead onlyInteger10N/AThe maximum number of configuration keys that can be requested in a GetConfiguration.req PDU
HeartbeatIntervalRead & writeInteger43,200N/AThe interval of inactivity in seconds (no OCPP exchanges) with central system after which the Charge Point should send a Heartbeat.req PDU
LocalAuthorizeOfflineRead & writeBoolean1N/AIf true, the Charge Point, when offline, will start a transaction for locally authorized identifiers
LocalPreAuthorizeRead & writeBoolean0N/AIf true, the Charge Point, when online, will start a transaction for locally authorized identifiers without waiting for or requesting an Authorize.conf from the Central System
MeterValuesAlignedDataRead & writeCSLN/AThe clock-aligned measurand(s) to be included in a MeterValues.req PDU, every ClockAlignedDataInterval seconds - not currently supported
MeterValuesAlignedDataMaxLengthRead onlyInteger0N/AThe maximum number of items in a MeterValuesAlignedData Configuration Key - not currently supported
MeterValuesSampledDataRead & writeCSLVoltage,Power.Active.Import,Energy.Active.Import.Register,
N/AThe sampled measurands to be included in a MeterValues.req PDU, every MeterValueSampleInterval seconds
MeterValuesSampledDataMaxLengthRead onlyInteger5N/AThe maximum number of items in a MeterValuesSampledData Configuration Key
MeterValueSampleIntervalRead & writeInteger300N/AThe interval (seconds) between sampling of metering (or other) data, intended to be transmitted by "MeterValues" PDUs
NumberOfConnectorsRead onlyInteger1N/AThe number of physical charging connectors of this Charge Point
ResetRetriesRead & writeInteger0N/ANumber of times to retry an unsuccessful reset of the Charge Point
ConnectorPhaseRotationRead & writeCSLNotApplicableN/AThe phase rotation per connector in respect to the connector’s energy meter
ConnectorPhaseRotationMaxLengthRead onlyInteger0N/AThe maximum number of items in a ConnectorPhaseRotation Configuration Key
StopTransactionOnEVSideDisconnectRead & writeBoolean1N/AWhen set to true, the Charge Point will administratively stop the transaction when the cable is unplugged from the EV
StopTransactionOnInvalidIdRead & writeBoolean1N/AWhen set to true, the Charge Point will stop an ongoing transaction when it receives a non- Accepted authorization status in a StartTransaction.conf for this transaction
StopTxnAlignedDataRead & writeCSLN/AThe clock-aligned periodic measurand(s) to be included in the TransactionData element of StopTransaction.req MeterValues.req PDU for every ClockAlignedDataInterval of the charging session
StopTxnAlignedDataMaxLengthRead onlyInteger0N/AThe maximum number of items in a StopTxnAlignedData Configuration Key
StopTxnSampledDataRead & writeCSLN/AThe sampled measurands to be included in the TransactionData element of StopTransaction.req PDU, every MeterValueSampleInterval seconds from the start of the charging session
StopTxnSampledDataMaxLengthRead onlyInteger0N/AThe maximum number of items in a StopTxnSampledData Configuration Key
SupportedFeatureProfilesRead onlyCSLCore,FirmwareManagement,SmartChargingN/AA list of supported Feature Profiles
TransactionMessageAttemptsRead & writeInteger3N/AHow often the Charge Point should try to submit a transaction-related message when the Central System fails to process it
TransactionMessageRetryIntervalRead & writeInteger15N/AHow long (in seconds) the Charge Point should wait before resubmitting a transaction related message that the Central System failed to process
UnlockConnectorOnEVSideDisconnectRead & writeBoolean1N/AWhen set to true, the Charge Point will unlock the cable on the Charge Point side when the cable is unplugged at the EV
WebSocketPingIntervalRead & writeIntegerN/AN/AWhen set to 0 client side websocket Ping/Pong is disabled, positive values are interpreted as number of seconds between pings
SupportedFileTransferProtocolsRead onlyCSLHTTP,HTTPSN/AThe supported protocols for diagnostics file transfer

Smart charging profile

Key nameAccessibilityTypeDefault valueReboot requiredDescription
ChargeProfileMaxStackLevelRead onlyInteger2N/AThe number indicates the max allowed number of installed charging schedules
ChargingScheduleAllowedChargingRateUnitRead onlyCSLCurrentN/AThe supported quantities for use in a ChargingSchedule
ChargingScheduleMaxPeriodsRead onlyInteger24N/AMaximum number of periods that may be defined per ChargingSchedule
MaxChargingProfilesInstalledRead onlyInteger9N/AThe maximum number of charging profiles that can be installed at a time

Custom - Evnex Specific Config Settings

Key nameAccessibilityTypeDefault valueReboot requiredDescription
ChargePointIdentityRead & writeStringN/AYesUsed as the Charge Point Identity in the path used during websocket connection. Also used as the user name for HTTP basic authorisation.
APNRead & writeStringm2mYesThe APN used for connection to the cellular network
MNORead & writeInteger0YesThe LTE M1 MNO (Mobile Network Operator) setting for connection to the cellular network
0 - Spark LTE M1 NZ (LTE Cat M1 only, bands 3 and 28)
1 - Default
2 - AT&T
3 - Verizon
4 - Telstra
5 - T-Mobile USA
6 - China Telecom
7 - Sprint
8 - Vodafone
9 - Telus
10 - Deutsche Telecom
11 - Standard Europe
OCPPEndPointRead & writeStringwss://ocpp.evnex.ioYesThe OCPP connection URL
OCPPPortRead & writeInteger443YesThe port used for connection to the OCPP URL
MaxWireCurrentRead onlyIntegerN/AN/ADisplays the maximum wire current as currently set on the internal DIP switch
BluetoothPasswordRead & writeStringN/AYesThe password required for the Evnex installation app to connect to the device
LockCableUntilFinishedRead & writeBooleanfalseYesIf enabled, the charge point will keep the cable locked into the connector until the charging session has been ended (e.g. by RFID or OCPI)
AuthorisationEnabledRead & writeBooleanfalseYesIf disabled, the charge point will automatically start charging without sending an 'Authorize' message
RFIDTagReaderEnabledRead & writeInteger0YesIf set to 0, the RFID reader is disabled
AuthorizationKeyRead & writeStringN/AYesThe OCPP authorization key
WifiSSIDRead & writeStringN/AYesThe Wi-Fi SSID to connect to
WifiPassphraseRead & writeStringN/AYesThe Wi-Fi password to use

Custom - Evnex Specific Factory Settings

Key nameAccessibilityTypeDefault valueDescription
SerialNumberRead onlyStringN/AThe charge point serial number
VendorRead onlyStringEvnexThe charge point vendor (Evnex)
ModelRead onlyStringN/AThe charge point model
UseProximityPinRead onlyInteger1Set to 1 for socket outlet charge points
CableLockControlModeRead onlyInteger
CableLockSensorModeRead onlyInteger
EnergyMeterOptionRead onlyIntegerThe configuration setting for the energy meter installed in the charge point
RCMOptionRead onlyInteger10 for no RCM installed, 1 for RCM installed