Cloud Connectivity

Understand the benefits of a cloud-connected EV charger


1) Keeping you connected

Our EV home chargers include an LTE-M cellular connection at no cost to you. If cellular reception is not available in your area, you may use Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This allows us to make sure your charger is always up to date, and controllable via our remote support system and 'Evnex' mobile app from anywhere in the world.


Connection required from time to time

Please note that our chargers require a network connection about once a month in order to operate. App access is across the internet, so an active connection is required to send commands to the charger.

2) Opportunities for Greener Charging

Electric vehicle adoption and clean energy generation, such as rooftop solar and wind generation are driving change to both the supply and demand of electricity. Our overall energy consumption is increasingly being provided by electricity, and this is likely to accelerate in years to come. Therefore we require technology solutions such as smart EV charging, to manage how and when we use electricity.

3) Creating Sustainable EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging can consume a significant proportion of a typical household's electricity capacity when charging at full speed. This may create issues for electricity networks and utilities when scaled across many homes and neighbourhoods. At certain times there will be peaks in overall electricity demand that need to be managed to ensure networks are able to cope with the peak demand.

Our smart charging solution enables energy utilities to have EV charging demand flexibility, seamlessly integrating as part of the distributed energy resource system.

An example of this happening in New Zealand is Genesis's trial with Evnex chargers using EV Sync, "an intelligent feature that connects smart chargers to its Energy IQ app enabling customers to schedule and automate the most cost-effective and emissions-friendly times to charge".

Here at Evnex, we have designed our solution to suit both electricity networks and consumers. From time to time it will not suit you to have controlled EV charging, therefore our system allows for you to opt-out as needed which will not overly impact a wide-scale demand response program.

What’s Next

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