First Charge at Work

How to use an Evnex business charge point

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1) Instant Charge (No RFID or App)

If your employer has set up a charge point without an RFID scan requirement, you can start a charging session as follows.

  1. Ensure the Evnex charger is powered on You should see a blue pulsing "Network" LED indicator on the charge point when you arrive. If no LED lights are on, the charger has no power or the employer has locked the charger. In either case, contact the charge point operator directly to restore power or charging accessibility.

  2. Connect your vehicle to the charge point Plug in your vehicle to the charger via the tethered cable. If the charge point is a socketed unit, connect your own cable into the charger first and plug into your vehicle second.

There are visual LED indicators on the charger that help confirm that this process has gone smoothly. If you've performed these steps the charge point's "Charge" LED light is flashing green then you're ready to start a charging session.


Does a green light mean I'm charging?

Only a full continuous green LED light indicates your charging session has commenced or is in progress. A flashing green light means your charger is only ready to start a charging session. The charge point is either waiting for a pre-determined charging schedule that's been set by the charger or vehicle, or you do in fact need to scan a recognised RFID tag before the charging session can commence.


LEFT: The Evnex charger is powered on and is connected to the cloud network successfully. Centre: The charger is ready to begin a charging session (after the cable is plugged into the car). Right: The charging session has begun/is in progress.

  1. End a charging session Once your vehicle has finished charging, unplug the connector from the vehicle. If you need to unplug before your car is full, end the charge from your vehicle.


Remove the plug from Vehicle first

If your charge point has a socket outlet you must remove the plug from your vehicle before removing it from the charger. If you can't remove the plug from your vehicle, please check that the vehicle is unlocked and that the charger hasn't been powered off.

2) Charge with Verification (RFID required)

  1. Prepare your vehicle to charge. Follow the same steps as mentioned in part 1 by ensuring the charge point is powered on and connected to your vehicle via tethered or socketed cable. The charge point's "Charge" LED light will begin flashing green and it's ready to scan your RFID Tag.

  2. Scan your RFID Tag. Once you scan your tag the charger will indicate if it has recognised your ID.

  3. Start Charging. After scanning your RFID successfully the charge session will begin momentarily and the green "Charge" LED indicator will change to solid green.


Successful RFID Reading: If successful, all three LEDs (Blue, Green, and Red) will flash once together in unison. Your charging session will begin momentarily with the green "Charge" LED showing a continuous glow.


Failed RFID Reading: If the RFID is not recognised, all three LEDs (Blue, Green, and Red) will flash once together in unison followed by a blinking red "Fault" LED. If this occurs after multiple attempts, contact your employer or charge point owner to ensure you have EV charging privileges.

3) Charge with the Evnex App


Download the Evnex Driver's App

To control your charging sessions remotely, first download the Evnex App from the Google Play or Apple App store.

Login with Your Account

If you haven't already been provided account credentials, please contact your employer or charge point operator to request them. Please note that this app is not required to use an Evnex charging point but offers additional benefits such as tracking charging data, energy costs, and scheduling a charging session.


Enter your account details into the "Evnex" Driver App Login Screen

Start or Stop a Charge (in-app)


Follow the steps above to start or stop a charge. Navigate to the "Control" menu in the Evnex app.

After logging into your account, navigate to the "Chargers" tab on the bottom left of the screen. If your work has multiple chargers, select the one you intend to charge from via the charger selection menu in the top right corner of the screen (shown with an icon of opposing arrows). Once you've selected a charger, confirm its status shows "Charge point available". If the status is "Charge point offline", check the charger is powered on, restart the app, or contact the charge point operator to report an outage.

Set a Charging Schedule (in-app)


Follow the steps above to schedule a charge. Navigate to the "Charging Schedule" menu in the Evnex app.


How are my business's EV charge point(s) set up?

There are several ways an employer can set up an Evnex charge point to operate. If you're unsure which of the following charging methods is required, reach out to your employer or charge point operator directly to clarify.

What’s Next

Congratulations! You're ready to start charging. If you want to learn more about the advanced tools and features available with an Evnex EV charger click below.