Electricity Price Tracking

Advanced tracking of your EV charging costs.

1) Tracking your EV Charging Costs

In response to EV community requests, we've developed Electricity Pricing as one of the most advanced EV charging cost trackers out there; helping ensure you know precisely how much money you're spending to charge your EV.

Included with the Evnex app, the Electricity Pricing feature allows you to create a tailored pricing schedule using your electricity Tariff and generate accurate charging reports without being constrained to a single ‘All day everyday’ electricity rate.


  • Multiple Tariff options for tracking charging costs.
  • Add free hours of power into your pricing schedule.
  • Add adjustable solar charging costs to your pricing schedule.
  • Schedule weekend rates and weekday rates independently.

Key Advantages

  • Optimise your charging routine by matching it to a fully customisable pricing schedule
  • Get insights into the effectiveness of your solar diversion setup.
  • Trust the costs of charging your EV are accurate.

2) Configuring your Electricity Costs

To configure your pricing schedule, navigate to the bottom of the App's Charger menu and select Electricity Pricing. Your first step to configuring your electricity costs is choosing your Tariff type. You can choose from one of the following options.


What's my Tariff type?

If you're unsure about what type of Tariff you have, review your latest energy bill or contact your electricity retailer for clarification.

The following Tariff Types are supported:

  • Anytime: A single 'All day, Every day' cost per KWh cost that does not fluctuate during the day/night or weekend.

  • Day / Night: Two separate cost per KWh rates with customisable start times. You can choose whether these rates remain consistent or adjust them if weekends differ from weekday rates.

  • Peak / Off-peak / Night: Three separate costs with customisable start times. You can choose whether these rates remain consistent or adjust them if weekends differ from weekday rates.


All of these Tariffs can be customised with designated times of free power. A solar charging price option will also be visible to users who have a home PV system and have configured their solar diversion settings. Whilst this defaults to zero, some drivers like to assign a cost which reflects the marginal cost of not exporting this energy.


Configuring Solar Diversion Settings

If you haven't configured your charger for solar, see the Solar Charging guide.

Restrictions for configuration:

  • Start times can only be set on an hour and half hour basis.
  • All costs are entered in cents per kWh, to 2 decimal places. The minimum is 0.01 cents and the maximum is 200 cents.
  • Free electricity has a fixed cost of 0c per kWh.

3) Displaying your Pricing Schedule

After you've configured your Tariff and entered your electricity costs tap "Apply", and the Electricity Pricing page will update to display your pricing schedule as a graph.

You can now see how your charging costs will vary over the course of a day (or weekday vs weekend), with the per kWh cost shown in the Legend. The height of the bars indicates the relative cost if a charging session takes place during this time.

This is a great reference to ensure your charging schedule is optimised for the most cost-effective times to charge with easy confirmation via the charging summary page.

4) Charging Session Cost Calculation

Session History for a charge point has been updated with the Charge Rate graph being moved under a new ‘Power’ tab, and a new ‘Tariff’ tab containing a price breakdown for the selected charging session.

The cost of an ongoing session continues to be displayed under Session History in the app's charging status display.

5) Charging Summary

You can review your charging costs and a breakdown of energy sources in the Charging Summary page or see an individual cost breakdown of each charging session in the Session History page.


Charging Sessions before App Update

Older charging sessions completed before the rollout of App update V3.2.1 are summarised as ‘Unknown’.

6) Assistance with Electricity Pricing

If you're still unsure how to set up Electricity Pricing for your EV charger, you can contact our support team for assistance during business hours at (NZ) 0800 395 007 | (AU) 1800 959 377 or email [email protected].

If your question is regarding your own electricity costs or Tariff we ask you please contact your electricity retailer first for clarification.