Firmware Updates

v2.3.0 - Latest

31 Oct 2023

  • Changes to solar control to prevent home battery discharge.
  • Heartbeat messages were not always sent causing long term internal clock drift


21 Sept 2023

  • Incorporates features, fixes and changes made for E2 into EX.
  • LLM - When over capacity, longest charging chargers may not be dropped on L2 and L3.
  • LLM - Did not correctly allocate charging current for some combinations of three phase charging and charge now
  • Failed firmware downloads were not erased from flash (Could load E2 firmware on EX and vice versa)
  • Networking was turned off before websocket close message could be sent by modem
  • Charging logic is delayed from starting until energy meter is reading valid values and has finished 1/3ph detection.
  • Reduced LLM ping interval to help reduce lost ping messages on WiFi


1st Jun 2023

  • Supports Local Load Management (LLM)
  • Primary current rating of the current transformer used for supply current measurement is now configurable
  • Resolves Energy Meter Fault issues on X22 units fitted with a 2022 modem EM340 energy meter


11th Aug 2022

  • Solar stop import power can now be configured through the setting SolarStopImportPower.
  • Fixed WiFi socket send timeout causing charge point reboot due to server communications task watchdog timeout


29th Apr 2022

  • Play sound on charging cable connect, fault and each minute reminder if in fault while cable connected (ten minutes max)
  • Added PowerSensorCTPolarity configuration setting to allow changing polarity of power sensor power measurements (for when CTs are fitted incorrectly)


24th Feb 2022

  • Fixes Power Sensor faults due to mains noise
  • Faster shutdown on hard reset
  • Charging Current Control and Over Current Protection did not work when Charge Now Override is active.
  • -1 meter value in StartTransaction if vehicle already connected when charger powered up.
  • Charging would be blocked if had been without a boot notification for more than 28 days then got a fault or charging logic reset.


14th Oct 2021

  • Added support for power sensor
  • Added charging current control to avoid over-current draw
  • Support for OCPP security amendment
  • Added ‘charge now’ functionality
  • Various modem updates and other fixes


11th June, 2021

  • Added Cell Id to GetNetStat data transfer message
  • Multiple cell connectivity reliability improvements


19th April, 2021

  • Fixed bug where 'GetNetStat' data transfer message could cause server comms to hang
  • Boot notification now only sent on the first connection after power-up
  • Other performance fixes


17th March, 2021

  • Improve BLE reliability when using the Evnex Installation App
  • Renamed 'NetStat' data transfer message to 'GetNetStat' for consistency
  • Renamed configuration settings for consistency