E7 & X Series LED Display Guide

Understand the LED Display on an Evnex EV charger


The state of an Evnex EV charger is communicated via three coloured LEDs (lights) on the front of the unit, 'Network', 'Charge' and 'Fault'. The LED flash codes are explained below.

1) Network LED Display Codes (Blue)

- Connected to the cloud

Under normal operation the network light on your charge point should softly fade in and out, indicating that your charger has successfully connected to the cloud and is ready to charge.


Connected to the cloud

- Connecting to the cellular network

When first powered on, or when the signal has been lost, the blue 'Network' light on your charge point will flash slowly, indicating that it is looking for a cellular connection.


Trying to connect to the cellular network

- Connecting to the Cloud

If the blue 'Network' light flashes quickly, this indicates that your charger has an internet connection and is trying to connect to the cloud.


Trying to connect to the cloud

2) Charge LED Display Codes (Green)

- Preparing to Charge

If the green 'Charge' light flashes slowly, this indicates that the unit is preparing to charge. This can mean one of two things:

  1. A vehicle is plugged in, but not charging. This could mean that the vehicle has finished charging, or that the charge point or vehicle has a timer activated.

  2. An RFID card has been swiped and is recognised by the system. The charge point is now waiting for a vehicle to be connected before the card authentication times out.


Preparing to charge

- Vehicle Charging

When the green 'Charge' light glows solid, a charging session is in progress.


Vehicle charging

3) RFID (Radio-frequency identification)

- RFID Detected

When all three lights flash once, an RFID card has been detected.


RFID card detected

- RFID Not Recognised

When all three lights flash once, followed by 5 flashes of the fault light, an RFID card has been detected but was not recognised by the system, or not authorised for this charge point.


RFID card not recognised

4) Fault LED Display (Red)

If the red 'Fault' light glows solid, this indicates that there is a fault with the charge point or vehicle. Please contact Evnex support for assistance.




Contact support

You can reach Evnex support by calling 0800 395 007 during normal business hours or emailing [email protected]