E2 LED Display Guide

The LEDs on the front of the charger indicate the current status, using a combination of colour and animation.

IDLE (White breathing animation)

If the charger is currently idle and available to be used, the LEDs show a steady “breathing” animation in white.

CHARGING (Green filling animation)

When a vehicle is charging, the LEDs show a “filling” animation in green. At full power, this animates quickly,
and slows down if charging more slowly.

CHARGE NOW (Electric blue animation)

The LEDs will be electric blue while the charger is set to opt out of any managed charging (solar diversion, charge scheduling or load management). If they are “breathing”, this indicates that either the vehicle is yet to be plugged in,
or it is not drawing power. If they are “filling”, this means the vehicle is being charged at the quickest possible safe rate.

WAITING FOR VEHICLE (Purple breathing animation)

A purple “breathing” animation means the charger is offering to charge the attached vehicle but it is not drawing any power. This is likely because the battery is already full.

WAITING FOR SOLAR (Yellow breathing animation)

If a charger is set up to divert excess local solar generation into the connected vehicle, but there is insufficient excess available, a yellow “breathing” animation is shown.

WAITING FOR SCHEDULE (Blue breathing animation)

When a vehicle is plugged into a charger outside of the scheduled charging window, a deep blue “breathing” animation is shown. You can see what time charging is going to begin by looking at the charger in the Evnex app.

FAULT (Red alternating flashing animation)

If the charger is unable to charge a vehicle for any reason, this will be indicated by alternating red LEDs between the left and right halves of the display area. The app will be able to provide assistance on what to do to resolve the problem.

DISABLED (White alternating animation)

A disabled charger displays alternating white LEDs between the left and right halves of the display area.



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